viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2009


Hey guys,i ran into a problem the other day,i have a asus laptop with windows xp,with no cd or dvd rom.
I googled how to install an os using usb,but i had no luck creating a bootable usb,see i was trying to install windows 7.its was really hard for me to create a bootable usb for windows 7,so i figured why not create another partition using a partition app and magic iso to boot off of a virtual drive,i googled it and i kept getting,"it cant be done",well guys it can and heres how...

1.first get power iso
Or any Virtual drive software...

2.then get Easeus partition master

Or any Partition  software of your choice... find a copy of windows you would like to install (it needs to be in iso form,so if not convert it with power iso)

4.first create another partition with easues big enough to hold the install(6.5GB recomended,depends on the os your installing)also make sure the partition is in NTFS format.

5.then open power iso and open the windows os iso,then mount it on virtual drive

6.if it doesnt auto start the install,go to computer then find the virtual drive,right click and click autoplay.once the install starts make sure to select the new partition you just installed,i named mine the name of the operating system,made it easier to find. will easily go though the install without a hitch,i did it with windows 7 final and had no problem,just make sure you have an internet connection on the host drive,so the new os can update while installing.

I didnt see this tut anywhere else so i figured I'd create it for you guys.
i hope this helps the people that dont have a CDrom drive and cant figure out the agonizing crap to make a bootable usb.

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