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Windows 7 Tiny (2009/x86)

Windows 7 Tiny Unattåndåd Àñtivàtåd (2009/ÑD/x86)
Windows 7 Tiny Unattåndåd Àñtivàtåd (2009/ÑD/x86) | RAR 699 Mb
Year-2009.Language-English.Maximum tail Windows 7 is already activated. Fast installation. Build eXPerience, fits on a regular CD and a very fast and unpretentious to resources. In the installation included: -Aero theme -Fax support -Internet Explorer 8 -Support for modems -Most of the regional languages (remove only Chinese, Japanese and Korean) -Printer Support -Support for smart cards -Windows sounds -Windows Update (See the full list below of what is stored in vLite) Installed Programs Files DLL DirectX 9 c (some standalone / recorded games may need these) -All v1.2.1.371 find (find files and folders without waiting) -Flash-v10.0.22.87 IE (the player YouTube and Google Video, etc.) -Pro read PDF Foxit v3.0.1301 (open PDF files from the Internet in IE) -V2.1.1 HashTab (Adds a tab on the properties of the file to view the file checksum) -V3.80 WinRAR (compression tool to handle different file formats) DELETED DIRECTLY FROM Mounting an image Approximately 550 MB was removed from Windows \ System32 \ DriverStore \ FileRepository \ Approximately 585 MB was removed from Windows \ winsxs \ These elements have been removed printer drivers, modem drivers and the camera driver. Other miscellaneous items were deleted as the content Folder restore some folders from a Web folder. Removed (multimedia) Media Center, samples of music and video samples of images Screensavers, SideShow, play audio, codecs Windows Media, Player Windows Media. Disabled System Restore Diagnostics, error messages, offline files, Routing and Remote Access, basic services TPM search Windows. Connecting to a network projector, IIS Services (IIS) Remote Desktop and assistance, remote desktop, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Simple TCPIP services Telnet Telnet client server, TFTP client, working together, Windows, Mail Windows. Problems with the network or the File sharing are resolved as follows In services run the following services SAM - Security Accounts Manager Computer Browser Server Workstation The last three depend on the first, so the first SAM. Reboot. The solution to the problem with sharing and browsing: clear and run reg file and it will return all opredileniya registry in default. Checksums: CRC32 B8E676C7 MD5 1F81758BE8A07148332902C16B38F3EB SHA-1 7F5798E1075EB7D83F1FB2FC7F1E4D2F71D182CC

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